As as academic, it's tempting to say 'everything is research', but I try to limit this list to posts that are directly linked to my academic projects

Ritualized conference spaces & the evolution of peace research professionalism in Germany

Vocationalization in international development studies education 

International Development TED Talks & their role for communication for social change

Performing Peace-building: Conferences, Rituals and the Role of Ethnographic Research

Reflexive engagements: the international development blogging evolution and its challenges

Social Media and Global Development Rituals: a content analysis of blogs and tweets on the 2010 MDG Summit 

How peacebuilding has become a ritualised space-Summary of my PhD project

Development evaluators, make blogging part of your workstyle!

World Development Report 2011 – creating a ‘non-place’ for development debates?

Deconstructing Development Discourse-book now available for download

Can Nepal escape the ritualisation of international peacebuilding?

Posts on the open (aid) data/ aid transparency debate 

Making World Bank Open Data Usable: An Important Next Step
(Post by Abby Tabor on MyScienceWork featuring a few thoughts shared during an interview with her)

Open data, crowd-wisdom and ‘hunting plagiarists’ – how a group of activists is challenging the German academic system

Who is going to pay for open aid data experts?

Why having a computer is not enough-Does the World Bank use aid transparency to avoid tough debates on internal accountability?

Aid transparency-From standards to innovative accountability and action

Why I would like to see more critical debates on the ‘open aid data’ discourse

Why publishing aid data does not equal 'democratizing development'

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